Learning and Tutoring Center
Seattle VocTech offers middle to upper level math tutoring. Math can be a challenging subject for students of any age, at Seattle VocTech we cater directly to the students needs. Our teachers will adjust their teaching style to optimize the students learning. No matter what level you are at, math can be challenging because each new concept is built off previous concepts. If you are unclear on a skill it will contribute to an overall weaker math foundation which can make the subject seem more difficult and increasingly frustrating.

Weather your student is struggling with weak reading skills or has strong skills but is excited to learn more, with our individualized style tutoring our teachers will work with each student at their own pace, adjusting lessons based on their individual progress. Our reading program is meant to instill each student with the confidence they need for continuous success in school and life.

Writing has always been and will always be a necessary skill in life. As we get older there is a higher demand for more nuanced, well-researched, thought-provoking writing that is not only requested, but demanded. At Seattle VocTech we focus on bringing out the student’s voice through writing. Ultimately, we want the student to be comfortable with all styles of writing and ensure a large vocabulary, with proper grammar skills.

HOT CLASS: Effective Writing Course, Register Online Now! (Here is An introduction in Chinese)

At Seattle VocTech we have a specific understanding of the importance of SAT & ACT testing. We understand that this is one of the most important tests taken throughout high school, and we are passionate about getting the student their best possible score! When preparing for any standardized test we feel that it is important to learn the contents of the test, but also to learn what strategies can work best for while they are taking the test.