Faculty Team

Mr. David Zook

- Tutored over 5,000 students over the 15 years with his staff in virtually all academic subjects.
- 20 years experience in the software industry
- BS of Evergreen State College; MBA of University of Washington

Dr. Sarah Clayton

- Head of SVT Humanities Department
- Former lecturer at University of Washington; Long experienced research on Asian history and culture
- Senior journalist and editor for 10 years internationally
- Phd. University of Washington

Tiah Rodriguez

- Lead English instructor
- Ex English teacher, journalism advisor, and department head at Bellevue Highschool and Henry M. Jackson Highschool.
- B.A. in Classical Civilizations from UC Berkeley; M.Ed. in Secondary Endorsement in English Language Arts from University of Washington; M.A. in Classical Civilizations from Florida State University

Marc Schleh

- SVT chief instructor for science courses; highly experienced in biology and chemistry and physics, plus Math
- Engaged in academic and industry laboratory for a decade, author of several research papers
- Major at biology and physiology, studied in University of Washington and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Vincenzo Billett

- Teacher of Physics and Math

- Major of computer science, University of Washington

Conner Whitney

- Teaching US/World History and US Government & Politics
- Overseas teaching and training experience.
- Dual degrees in Political Science and Law from University of Washington

Scher Calyton

- Teaching beginning English
- Enjoy and Experienced in young students age 5-12 teaching & activities
- College Business Management Major

Judith Marcado

- Teaching Spanish & Health
- Enjoy and Experienced in young students age 5-12 teaching & activities
- College Sociology Major; Spanish native speaker

Tony White
An award-winning author, filmmaker, animator and educator with over 200 commercials, 2 TV Specials for PBS Television, numerous Short Films and the title sequence to his credit. His first ever short Film, "HOKUSAI ~ An Animated Sketchbook" won a British Academy Award.

Tony ran his own award-winning London studio for 20 years;For the next 14 years he has been an animation and production instructor at a highest college levels. Having been the Dean at 'DigiPen Institute of Technology' and the chief instructor at the 'Academy of Interactive Entertainment'.

Tony is author of several respected books on animation, including 'The Animator's Workbook', 'Animation from Pencils to Pixels', 'How To Make Animated Films', 'The Animator's Notebook' and 'The Animator's Sketchbook'.